Belles & Whistles

Did you ladies make the cut to play at Country Stampede? According to your tour info, you will be in mine and Wayne Rouse's (GM of Country Stampede) hometown of McCook on August 1st. That's cool. Hopefully you'll get a good turnout there. Hope to see you in Manhattan.

Belles & Whistles responded on 06/18/2013

Hi Joel! Yes we did make the cut to play the mainstage of the Country Stampede on June 29th! We are super excited!! And yes we will be playing McCook at Norris Park on Aug 1. That's cool that Wayne Rouse is from McCook - we didn't know that. Hopefully you guys will be backstage at the Stampede and we'll get to meet. Thanks so much for your question! See you in Manhattan on the 29th!

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