Belles & Whistles

i really really love your voice kelly, it's amazing..
i hope you/your team understand a little bit spanish haha because a speak a little bit english
i'm from Tijuana, Mexico.

And my question is:

Iran a tocar a San Diego alguna vez? o cerca de San Diego?
y si lo hacen.. cuando sera?

Muchas Gracias.

Belles & Whistles responded on 07/25/2013

Hi Enrique -
It's so cool that you wrote to me from Tijuana Mexico. I do understand a little spanish and i think you are asking me if we'll be playing a show in San Diego soon? Well, we don't have anything booked that far west yet - but we are hoping to soon!! I have been to Los Angeles before, but not San Diego yet. We mostly play shows in the midwest and south right now. If we get a show booked in Cali I will let you know. Thanks so much for writing to me, and for the compliments. Adios mi amigo, Kelli

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