Belles & Whistles

Hi Kelli and Jaymie, my name is Sarah :) I am interested in songwriting as well as the two of you are. Can you share some of your songwriting tips with me?

Belles & Whistles responded on 01/09/2014

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for writing to us. Sorry it's taken so long to reply. We've been on the road but are back home today. This is Jaymie, as Kelli is in school right now, but she wanted me to tell you her advice, which is write like you are writing to your best friend. My tip is to only write about things you know and have experienced in your own life. Another tip i have is to write when you are feeling emotional - like after a big event, good or bad - just pick up your instrument and let the ideas flow. I hope these tips help you - it's very cool that you are writing songs. Maybe someday you can send us a couple to listen to. Take care and all the best -

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